Ben Gebo ’09 Website Relaunch!

Got a message from recent alum, Ben Gebo who wanted to throw some updates our way….

He recently went on a road trip, and images from that experience are on his new website under the personal section, as well as tons of great work for his numerous clients.  Make sure you check out his new site by clicking HERE, and as a nifty preview, here’s a shot from his road trip:

Aaron Joel Santos ’07, Reporting from Vietnam

Got a message from Aaron recently and he sent along a few images from a recent project that he got to do.  He writes, “I’m still living and working in Vietnam. I’ve done several travel stories and commercial gigs recently, including a fashion shoot for Sula Clothing, a London-based designer who photographed her new winter collection with me in the mountains of northern Vietnam.”  It sounds like an amazing experience!  Here are two shots from the project:

Lisa Brown ’93 Involved with Artist Run Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard

Lisa of L.A. Brown Photography has exciting news – she is now part of an all artist run gallery out on Martha’s Vineyard that opened at the beginning of the month!  She writes, “This is the only island gallery that is artist run and owned…we make up over 190 years on art on MV!”  The name of the gallery is The Night Heron Gallery and you should click HERE to find out more about it.  I’ll end with a recent image by Lisa, herself:

Cynthia Delaney AP ’90 – First Book!

Cynthia wrote to let everyone know that her first book, “Nevada Photographer:  A Guide to the Rural Regions” was published this year and is available for purchase on her website  Take a look at the beautiful cover of the book:

Alumni Updates Continue…

Some more great news coming into my inbox….

Caleb Cole FT ’08 continues to take the Boston Art World by storm – he was nominated for the Boston Phoenix’s BEST of 2012 for “Best Artist” – go over to their website and vote for him!

Jenn Cimino FT ’10 wrote in to let us know that she opened up a studio in Winthrop, MA this past fall.  Awesome news!  Make sure to stop by her website and see what she’s been up to [click HERE]

Morgan Yeager FT ’10 just launched a new website: take a LOOK!  She also is working away down in the Big Apple, assisting and then getting hired (and published) by the likes of Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan and Tasting Table.

Applause all around!

Philip Habib FT ’81 Showing Work

Got an email from Philip Habib (formerly Philip Holt) from the class of 1981!  You have to love the internet, where alumni from all years can reconnect in the blink of an eye.

He was writing to let everyone know that his work is in a show in a Williamsburg gallery (that’s Brooklyn, not Virginia) anywaymgmt.  Take a look at one of the images:

Here’s a link to the gallery’s website to see more of Philip’s photos.

Also, stop by Philip’s website to see his other projects!

Paul Robinson AP ’98 Update

Yeah! Alumni Updates!  I got a great email recently from Paul Robinson, one of the last grads (1998) of the Applied Program here at NESOP.  He’s getting back in touch, and I wanted to share some of his accomplishments, as they are many and varied!

He has been published in over 25 newspapers, including The Boston Globe and numerous magazines and was a staff photographer for The Taunton Daily Gazette for five years; he’s done contract work with local colleges and universities; he has snapped shots of sports legends (David Ortiz, Paul Peirce, Tiger Woods, Brad Faxon to name a few); he’s captured the likes of music icons (like Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Susan Tadeschi and John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band); and now he owns his own studio right in the heart of Uxbridge, MA.  That is an amazing list for less than 15 years!

Take a look at his website to see some of his images for yourself.  And thanks for emailing, Paul!


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