Aaron Joel Santos ’07, Reporting from Vietnam

Got a message from Aaron recently and he sent along a few images from a recent project that he got to do.  He writes, “I’m still living and working in Vietnam. I’ve done several travel stories and commercial gigs recently, including a fashion shoot for Sula Clothing, a London-based designer who photographed her new winter collection with me in the mountains of northern Vietnam.”  It sounds like an amazing experience!  Here are two shots from the project:

A Hello from Hanoi

Not long after graduating NESOP in 2007, Aaron Joel Santos moved to Vietnam.  When he told us  of his plans, I have to admit, I didn’t really think that three years later he would still be there. But Aaron has made Hanoi his home and has created quite a career for himself.  I love receiving his updates because his images take you so very far away from Kenmore Square and he always has so much to report.

First of all congrats to Aaron for being accepted to the Eddie Adams workshop in October.

He also has a few new tear sheets to share  from “Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.”

Aaron Joel Santos

Aaron’s always enjoyable blog was listed on a top 50 expat blogs list.

Aaron Joel Santos

And finally, Aaron is starting a destination wedding photography company with a friend of his:  ESIAN.

Aaron Joel Santos

Sounds like Aaron’s busy!  Though he’s rumored to be coming for a visit next month, I don’t think he’ll be back in the U.S. for long.


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