Ben Gebo ’09 Website Relaunch!

Got a message from recent alum, Ben Gebo who wanted to throw some updates our way….

He recently went on a road trip, and images from that experience are on his new website under the personal section, as well as tons of great work for his numerous clients.  Make sure you check out his new site by clicking HERE, and as a nifty preview, here’s a shot from his road trip:

Alumni Updates Continue…

Some more great news coming into my inbox….

Caleb Cole FT ’08 continues to take the Boston Art World by storm – he was nominated for the Boston Phoenix’s BEST of 2012 for “Best Artist” – go over to their website and vote for him!

Jenn Cimino FT ’10 wrote in to let us know that she opened up a studio in Winthrop, MA this past fall.  Awesome news!  Make sure to stop by her website and see what she’s been up to [click HERE]

Morgan Yeager FT ’10 just launched a new website: take a LOOK!  She also is working away down in the Big Apple, assisting and then getting hired (and published) by the likes of Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan and Tasting Table.

Applause all around!

Philip Habib FT ’81 Showing Work

Got an email from Philip Habib (formerly Philip Holt) from the class of 1981!  You have to love the internet, where alumni from all years can reconnect in the blink of an eye.

He was writing to let everyone know that his work is in a show in a Williamsburg gallery (that’s Brooklyn, not Virginia) anywaymgmt.  Take a look at one of the images:

Here’s a link to the gallery’s website to see more of Philip’s photos.

Also, stop by Philip’s website to see his other projects!

Mark Werbeloff FT ’01 included in Musuem School’s Art Sale

Hi friends and folks!

Just got an update this week from Mark Werbeloff, FT alum from 2001.  He wanted me to pass along that he has work included in the School of the Museum of Fine Art Boston’s Annual Art Sale that runs from December 8-11, 2011 from 10am until 8pm each day.  Check out his work online HERE before you swing past this epic art buying event!  Oh, and happy Friday everyone!


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